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"The people that give you their Food, give you their Heart."

The purpose for this page is to shine light on the Food Historians that have been an Inspiration in creating our FAUX COOKERY.
Charles Alan Welch

Charles Welch, a 22 years old pastry chef and culinary historian by trade, studied Pastry at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.  His life has always been centered around history and his parents have always encouraged him to pursue his unreasonable passions.  After studying at the feet of Historic Foodways in Colonial Williamsburg for 12 years, he has outgrown that mold and following new passions. He is excited to see what can happen when he is not bound by location or corporate custom.m a paragraph.

Photos below show the Culinary Artistry of Mr. Welch.
When asked if he had a Favorite recipe or CookeryBook,
Mr. Welch replied,

"I can’t say that I have a favorite recipe or cookbook. I am a sensualist and enjoy them all."

I asked Tiffany if she had a favorite Cookery Book, her response.

"Favorite book? That's a tough one, but I do really enjoy

The French Family Cook
by Menon."

Tiffany Fisk

Tiffany Fisk has been interested in history for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a historic town and a family trip to Old Sturbridge Village when she was in second grade guaranteed that period clothing would be a part of her life for the foreseeable future. She also developed a love for baking at an early age and looked forward to baking pies with her grandmother. She has been hearth cooking for over 20 years, four of which were as an apprentice at Colonial Williamsburg. Finding a way to combine her love for the culinary arts and history has been a truly rewarding experience. Tiffany is currently the Administrator of a small house museum in South Central Pennsylvania and is looking forward to implementing more cooking classes and demonstrations in the coming year.

Photos below show Tiffany's Culinary Artistry.

More Inspirational Food Historians to be added in the future.

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